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A Swiss farm stay

After a nice time in the city of Lucerne, we hopped into the car to our next adventure, a Swiss farm. I had always wanted to do a farm stay to teach the kids about ethical farming and life on a humane farm, so why not do it while in Switzerland? It was pretty idyllic, to say the least.

First of all, our accommodations were pretty darn cute.


The farm chalet was small and simple but absolutely adorable. Hans built it on the farm for guests, and it has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The upstairs bedroom is accessed via a ladder, which was fun for the kids. It sort of felt like a building from the movie Elf. Everything was so cute.


Hans let the kids help in the barns. They loved feeding the cows. The adult cows were brought in from pasture to eat in the barn, and the kids got to give them as much to eat as they wanted. They fed the older babies with milk from bottles. Some of the younger babies were still with their mamas.


The goats, Miro and Jonny, were very friendly. Sophie loved being with them and was constantly cracking up at the things they wanted to eat. Like, for example, a swingset.


It was an experience that really changed the way the kids think about farms. These animals deserve to be treated humanely. While my son no longer eats beef because of this trip, I think my girls will now think about where their food comes from and support ethical farming. Switzerland seems to have this down, but the U.S. has a long way to go. C’mon, America! Kindness. It’s a beautiful thing.


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