grandparents · Lucerne · Luzern

A Saturday in Lucerne

We spent the day in Lucerne with Marc’s mom. It was a typical November weekend, alternating between cloudy, grey skies and sunny, blue skies. Just like at home in the States, Mother Nature can’t make her mind up in November. We started our weekend exploring the city of Lucern, or Luzern, as it is known here in Switzerland.

With grandma. Chapel Bridge, or Kappelbruke, in the background. We plan to visit Luzern again in the summer to see the flowers on the bridge.


Crossing Kappelbruke.



Drinking like the locals.


Christmas markets just getting up and running.



Enjoying magenbrot, a type of soft Swiss gingerbread.

After a nice day in Lucerne, we hopped into the car to our next adventure, a Swiss farm. More on that tomorrow…

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