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Marc’s mom visits

Marc’s mom visited us near the end of October, into November. We were all really excited to see her, and it was so nice having her. During her stay, she spent quality time with the kids, walked to town, shopped, made us incredibly delicious dinners, helped with laundry, took walks with Penny, took a trip to Basel on her own, and took a few little trips with us, as well.


In town with Grandma.


Walking the Munot stairs.


Looking out over Schaffhausen.




In Stein am Rhein.


Bridge over the Bodensee, near the Swiss/German border.


In front of Haus Zum Ritter, one of Schaffhausen’s most beautiful.
Gondola ride


A beautiful day! Heading to lunch here, at Aescher Restaurant in the Alps.


With beautiful Appenzell behind them.


Sharing a traditional Swiss lunch in the mountains.


In front of a cave chapel.


It was so wonderful to have her here. We also went to Lucerne for the weekend, which I’ll cover in another post.

We can’t wait for Walt and Lisa to join her next time! They plan to visit us in April, during the kids’ spring break. We have a trip planned to Spain.

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