munich · Oktoberfest

Girls trip to Oktoberfest in Munich

I had heard of Oktoberfest before, but I never had much interest in going. Until I moved to Switzerland. A girls trip had been scheduled long before we moved in in August, since reserving tables at Oktoberfest takes place almost a year beforehand. One of the girls going had to back out, so I was offered her tickets and hotel room spot. I happily accepted. But first, I had to shop for a dirndl. My mom helped me pick one out but I will admit, I felt fairly ridiculous. The saleswoman assured us I would fit right in in Munich. She was right. Everyone at Oktoberfest is in a dirndl or leiderhosen, with very rare exception. I’m glad I was able to experience Oktoberfest in Munich. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and were on a train back to Schaffhausen the next day. It was a short trip, but plenty of time at Oktoberfest, which is a blast but mighty exhausting!

Off the train, ready to leave our hotel.
At the Oktoberfest fairgrounds
People trying to get seats in a beer hall.
Dinnertime! Sausages and beer.
Lowenbrau party
Nighttime at the Lowenbrau

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