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First day of school

We had our first day of school in mid-August, and it was a success! The kids seemed to like their first impression of their new school, the International School of Schaffhausen (ISSH). I did not get many photos of Sophie, since she is now in middle school (grade 6!) and did not want her mama poking around the first day, taking photos of her in the secondary building. Vincent and Juliana, however, had no choice, and I was certainly not alone in taking photos of the first day in the primary building!
Ready to go!
Posing outside their new school. There are flags behind them representing the 43 countries making up the student body.
Vincent’s teacher, Ms. Steere, introducing him to his classmates. Look at Louis (left), with that big, welcoming smile! A kind-hearted kid from France, he has become a good friend of Vincent’s.
Juliana looks around the kindergarten classroom.
Making herself at home.
Mama got to attend the Parents Association (PA) coffee at the Guterhof on the Rhine, to get to know other parents from the school. What a beautiful setting!
After school, Vin and some new friends play on the pitch.
End of our first week! Let’s celebrate with gelato in town. We did it!

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