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Seeing what the hype is all about in St. Anton, Austria

Ski season is in full swing here. Since this is our second year skiing the Alps, there are a few places we want to check off our list. One of them in St. Anton am Arlberg in the Austrian state of Tyrol. St. Anton is often called the “cradle of alpine skiing” for its role… Continue reading Seeing what the hype is all about in St. Anton, Austria


Zermatt: It’s as cool as people say

We decided to drive to Zermatt for a ski trip in December. After all, we’re living in Switzerland, we really should visit the most iconic mountain here! After a beautiful trip south, we drove the car onto the train that takes you toward Zermatt in the Valais canton, drove off the train, parked the car,… Continue reading Zermatt: It’s as cool as people say


Merry Merry at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

We took a quick day trip to Strasbourg, France to see the city’s famous Christmas market. It’s listed on just about every “Best Christmas Markets in Europe” lists, I thought we should go. It’s only about an hour and half away, so it made a perfect day trip. It was beautiful! Lots of yummy sweets, gluwein,… Continue reading Merry Merry at the Strasbourg Christmas Market


Samichlaus visits

Every year on December 6, Samichlaus and his partner Schmutzli, along with his donkey, emerge from their cottage in the woods and visit Swiss children. This day in Switzerland is perhaps even bigger than Christmas, when Swiss children believe that the Christkind, or Christ Child, brings them presents instead of Santa Claus. Samichlaus looks a little… Continue reading Samichlaus visits


Winter trip to Budapest

Marc here. Vicki chose Budapest as a potential long weekend destination in December based on the recommendations of some Hungarian friends and what she had read about the Christmas markets there. She probably figured I would reluctantly, or at least, unenthusiastically tag along because it a new, different place to experience, even if I’m not… Continue reading Winter trip to Budapest