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The International Youth Hockey Experience

Marc here. Much like soccer, I got everything I could set up for Vincent to play ice hockey in Schaffhausen prior to us even arriving in Switzerland. In fact, the very first thing that Vicki and I did on our first visit to Switzerland was to meet someone to get a tour of the ice… Continue reading The International Youth Hockey Experience


Guy’s Trip: England vs. Wales Rugby in Cardiff

Marc here. Last year, Vicki went to Oktoberfest in Munich with girlfriends. She spent a night in Davos with girlfriends. She spend a long weekend in Iceland with girlfriends. I was due a guy’s trip somewhere. I have my good friend Paul to thank for planning a weekend in Wales for a rugby match. The… Continue reading Guy’s Trip: England vs. Wales Rugby in Cardiff


Winter trip to Budapest

Marc here. Vicki chose Budapest as a potential long weekend destination in December based on the recommendations of some Hungarian friends and what she had read about the Christmas markets there. She probably figured I would reluctantly, or at least, unenthusiastically tag along because it a new, different place to experience, even if I’m not… Continue reading Winter trip to Budapest