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How the experience of living abroad makes you see the world differently


I came across an article today that made me smile. It is beautifully written by freelance writer Jenny Marchal. Everyone should give it a read. And consider…could I live abroad? Are there any opportunities that I’m missing that would allow me to take the leap? Because I promise you, if you do it, you won’t regret it.


Exposure to a new lifestyle and being able to fully embrace a new culture are two fantastic reasons to try a move abroad. This was good for Marc and me for sure. But my hope is that this aspect of living abroad will benefit my children immensely in the long run. “Taking in a new culture adds a different dimension to you, it allows you to be more open and accepting of how other people do things and it lets you see a different side to life,” Marchal says. “I truly believe if we all spent a significant time immersed in a foreign culture the world would be a much better place.” Riiiiiiiight on.

If you’re not the adventurous type, even better reasons to try it: You learn so much about yourself while living abroad, you gain a sense of accomplishment, and it helps develop a positive mindset in you. It really is so good for you. Going out of your comfort zone is always, always good. But how often do people do it? The author says, “When you live in the comfort of your home country, living around the people you’ve known all your life, you can sometimes be stuck and never really realize it. Moving away showed me just how stuck in life I was and opened my eyes to a bigger picture. Adapting to a new lifestyle showed me a different side to life.” Yes. YES!!!

I have an American friend in the early stages of planning her move (with her husband and two gorgeous children) to Amsterdam. I am so excited that they have embraced this opportunity. I know how scary those months are leading up to the actual move. And how challenging the first several months are as you settle into life in a foreign country. But I’ve promised her that she will be so grateful that they did it. Together. Their little family unit will grow and change and before they know it, it’ll be time to move on, and they’ll have tears running down their cheeks as they look back on their Dutch adventure. The fondest of memories. The best times of their lives.


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