Zermatt: It’s as cool as people say

We decided to drive to Zermatt for a ski trip in December. After all, we’re living in Switzerland, we really should visit the most iconic mountain here! After a beautiful trip south, we drove the car onto the train that takes you toward Zermatt in the Valais canton, drove off the train, parked the car, got into a shuttle, then boarded a golf cart into the car-free village. Phew. It was quite a journey. But SO worth it. The Matterhorn is pure magic…


We took the Sunneggabahn funicular up through the Rothorn mountain to the Blauherd stop. It was an easy ride up, up, up and then bam! We’re skiing in full view of the mighty Matterhorn. How cool is that?


After our ski day, we relaxed at the apartment a bit and then went for fondue in the village at the Whymper-Stube. It was a cozy, warm atmosphere and a great fondue! And everything looked so beautiful in the village. Twinkling lights, Christmas trees, gluwein, horse-drawn carriages…it doesn’t get any more picture-perfect than Zermatt at Christmas.

Vin playing around our apartment down in the Zermatt village.


More fondue!
Zermatt was all dressed up for Christmas.

While we were skiing, we made a point to hit the famous Chez Vrony. Located halfway down Sunnegga run 6, it was the perfect place for a rest. I had a Hugo and Marc had a spiked hot chocolate. We all had lunch and stared at the Matterhorn. Which is what you do in Zermatt. Constantly. Somehow, you never get sick of it.


IMG_1016 (Edited)
Lunch at the famous Chez Vrony


She’s done!


We also found a beautiful antique shop, as I do so often when travelling. (I love old things.) I could’ve bought the whole shop, if I was made of money. Just like the rest of Zermatt, it was expensive. Really fun to browse, though!

All in all, Zermatt is totally worth the trip. The village is gorgeous and the Matterhorn is as cool as people say. The skiing is world-class and the restaurants are, as well. Someday, I hope, we’ll be back.


The most beautiful (and expensive) antique shop
Antique skis! Love!


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