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Oktoberfest, again!

When Vicki went to Oktoberfest last year on a girls’ trip, I thought that my chances of making it to Munich in September became very small. I was thrilled when a group trip was put together. Of course, Vicki did most of the planning, reserving a table for dinner and identifying a suitable hotel. There was a process to filling out the 10 seats at our dinner table… Started with Danni and Paul. Included the Cogleys, who unfortunately moved back to the US over the summer. To our absolute delight, we were able to work it out to meet friends from Elmhurst, Brett and Kari. Filled out the table with the Bradley and Leigh-ann, and Ken and Laura.

The day could not have been anymore perfect. Ideal temperatures and bright sunshine can only have added to the crowds, which were big and perfect. The fair grounds and restaurant were full with people from around the world, in dirndls and  lederhosen, smiling, laughing, drinking beer, and having fun.

Started with a walk around the fair grounds, looking for a table somewhere, anywhere, to sit and order beers
We walked through a couple of beer halls without finding any open seats, which was fine, since it was no nice outside
One member of our group eventually found a seat on a bench at a table outside and it was on… Waitresses began bringing us arms full of huge mugs of German beer.
I had a really good time. I felt a lot of love and was compelled to express it.
Even the transportation from the fair grounds to the Lowenbraukeller was entertaining
It was every bit the party  that I imagined Oktoberfest should be. Some of us turned in before 10 pm. Others lasted a little longer. The visiting Americans, Kari and Brett, outlasted everyone, walking Vicki back to our hotel around 2 am, only to return to a bar themselves.

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