Teenagers in the house!

After a few weeks visiting family and friends back in Illinois for the summer, it was time to head back home to Switzerland! This time, we had a few extra kids in tow. Our nieces and nephews, Caroline, Joe, Isabelle and Grant, were coming back with us to spend a few weeks with us in our home. Their parents would be meeting us later in Paris. My kids were out of their minds with excitement. So, off we went, flying from O’Hare to Zurich with seven kids! The kids were a treat to have. Since we were unable to fit them all in our car, we stuck mostly around the house, playing, talking, and walking into town. We did go into the Alps once, with the help of a friend’s car, and I think the kids really enjoyed that.

At O’Hare in Chicago
In Zurich, on board a train to Schaffhausen
Home! Lots of phones with this many teenagers in the house.
After some jet lag naps, they woke up and ventured into town
Board games with Uncle Marc
Girls lunch at Noordlicht in the Altstadt
Juliana and the boys cooling off
Hiking in the Alps


After a few weeks with us, we took a road trip to meet their parents in Paris. More on that in the next post. After Paris, we came back to Switzerland for a few more days with all of them. We hung out around Schaffhausen, and took some of the kids to the Rhine Falls Adventure Park. We also took a day trip to Grindelwald to ride the trotti bikes. And Marc took Joe and Vin on a gorgeous hike in Appenzell while the Dyers went to Munich. All in all, it was a fantastic time with people we love so much.


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