Road trip to Lake Como

Natalie had the brilliant idea to road trip to Lake Como in Italy. Just 3 1/2 hours south of us, it made for the perfect long weekend. Juliana was thrilled that her cousin was able to ride with us! I think E was pretty happy, too. The girls loved watching the Swiss Alps go by, seeing the cows grazing and the farmers working.


Menaggio, Italy

Natalie found a sweet pad for us in Menaggio with fantastic views over the lake and A POOL. We cannot overemphasize how excited our kids get for A POOL. It was not particularly hot in Menaggio, where we were staying, but the kids dove right in, anyway! We hit Bellagio and Varenna via the ferry, and both were equally beautiful. But my favorite part was just hanging out with them at the house. Some pizza and wine and good conversation…it doesn’t get much better.


At the ferry port in Menaggio
On the ferry to Bellaggio


Vin in Bellaggio
Dinner on a farm near Menaggio


Jake in Varenna


We loved our little road trip! We ended with a nice, big meal in Menaggio, and then the Parrillos continued their Italian holiday by heading south into Tuscany. For us, it was back to school and work! With the sweet memories of a perfect Lake Como weekend…

Lunch in Menaggio

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