More friends visit! Hooray!

The anticipation was epic as May approached and the kids counted down the days until the Honkens visited us. This was only the second friends to come to visit us and see what life was like here in Switzerland, and it’s almost impossible to describe how excited my kids were. Finally…the day came! We settled them in at home for a jet lag snooze, and the next day were were off to the mountains. One of our favorite places to take visitors is the Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli, high up in the Alps. This magestic place is reached via cable car up from Waserauen-Ebenalp, followed by a 20 minute hike across the Wildkirchli caves. We had lunch on the terrace at Aescher, and then decided to hike down to the bottom. (We had taken the cable car up.) Lunch was delicious and the views weren’t bad, either! The hike was an adventure, too. The best part was being with the Honkens, who we’ve missed so much!


Over the next few days, I was able to take Mindi to my favorite cafe in town, Noordlicht, and just cozy up for a catch up that was long overdue. The kids got to go the Rhinefall Adventure Park and do the ropes course, and we took them up to the Munot fortress for the famous views over our town. They also visited Munich and hit up the original Hofbrau Haus for some beer, pretzels and wurst. We were so grateful they took the time to come all the way to Switzerland to visit us. It’s a memory we’ll treasure forever!


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