Mother’s Day weekend in Haute-Savoie – Annecy

After a beautiful few days in Chamonix, we were off to celebrate Mother’s Day in a place I’ve always wanted to see — Annecy, France. It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Savoie. It’s vieille ville (old town) is stunningly gorgeous, with it’s old French buildings and winding canals. And Lake Annecy is the perfect crystal-clear shade of aquamarine, with white-capped mountains as its background. We had a relaxing few days here, walking the narrow streets, admiring the canals and the flowers, and having a delicious Mother’s Day brunch at a cool restaurant. (Marc always finds the BEST restaurants when we are travelling. It’s a talent.) It was the perfect little holiday in France.


That’s a big macaroon.


Watching Marc and the kids paddleboat on Lake Annecy
Vin found his name!
If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a Thrift store. Marc bought me a gorgeous pitcher from here.


Mother’s Day brunch. How lucky am I?
I think I need to frame this.

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