Saying goodbye to friends: The life of an expat

Expat life is all about the comings and goings of friends. People bond unusually quickly, in a foreign country where you crave friendship in English and shared stories of home. It may seem odd to people who haven’t been expats, but it’s true. You cling to each other for dear life. And then, contracts end and you have to say goodbye. It’s a constant cycle. And it’s brutal. I’m still pretty new to it all, but this one hurts. A lot. How in the world did I have to move to another continent to meet this gem of a girl from just down the road back home in Illinois? Thank you, Niki, for finding me that first day, welcoming me with a warm smile, showing me the ropes, and continually telling me it’ll all be ok. Bon voyage and alles liebe!

Fondue night at the Guterhof. Our goodbye dinner with Niki and Aaron.
Oh how I will miss you.

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