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Snowshoeing begins for mama!

Today was my first go at snowshoeing in the Alps. Since my hiking group regularly hikes on Tuesdays, once the snow hits in winter, we exchange our hiking boots for snowshoes. Every Tuesday until Spring, this will be our routine.

It was a beautiful day in the Toggenburg area, and we hiked at Alt St Johann and Alp Sellamatt. Not having any idea what to expect, I strapped my shoes on, grabbed my poles, and mimicked the girls who have lived here for years. These girls are pros. They have all the right gear, all the right moves, and I felt comfortable with them leading. With all the recent avalanches in the area, they had their avalanche beacons on, which made me feel safe and terrified at the same time.

We hiked the Sagenweg Sellamatt trail and then finished with a lunch at the top at Berghotel Sellamatt. Of course I had my standard 5 franc teeny tiny cappuccino and felt like a million bucks! While it was quite challenging, hiking for several hours in the deep snow, it was really fun. And, really, really beautiful. I loved it. It’s a perfect way to see the mountains. I can’t wait for next week!

Tubbs, don’t fail me now.
Just off the gondola, getting our snowshoes on.
Killer hills!
Danni, my Aussie mate, totally out of her element in the snowy mountains, but doing awesome!
Break time
With my friend Niki, taking a break. She is moving back to Illinois next month, after a year in Switzerland with Groupon. I will miss her so much!
Helping Niki up. I fell immediately after this photo was taken. Surprisingly, it is very easy to fall in snowshoes, and very difficult to get up!
Nice job today, ladies! (and Simon)
Once again, thank you, Switzerland, for a beautiful, memorable day.

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