Despite the Swiss not being big on Halloween, we did celebrate it in our own way. There was a big Halloween party at the kids’ school, with a scavenger hunt and trunk or treat.
We have Twister, a goblin, and Rainbow Dash
We carved a pumpkin! We usually let the kids choose their own pumpkins and carve them, but large pumpkins in Switzerland run around 30 bucks, so we decided to not spend 90.00 and just get one this year.


Carving our fancy Swiss pumpkin
There were a few Swiss trick or treaters on our street, but the main action took place in an expat neighborhood a few minutes away from us. Many of our friends from school live there, so we hopped in the car and headed over for some good old American-style trick or treating and a block party. It was quite fun, and I think it made the kids feel like they weren’t missing out too much by being abroad during Halloween.


Trick or treating at the Andersons

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