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Our Fall Break: An Italian Adventure! (Part 2: Positano and the Amalfi Coast)

We cruised south via TrenItalia from Rome to Naples, and were greeted by the driver we had hired to drive us to the Amalfi Coast. I’m very glad we hired a driver and didn’t try this ourselves. The drive made every one of us nauseous. But it was WELL worth it.

Arriving in Positano
Seeing the ocean for the first time!

We arrived in Positano in the evening. The kids wanted to go down to the water. After all, this was their first time seeing the ocean! We took in the sights and had a quick dinner, then turned in early so we could be up with the sun to hit the beach.

Breakfast on our terrace. Quite sunny!
Down the stairs, down, down, down, toward the beach!
Sea glass searching.
Juliana and this little girl from Amsterdam played together each day on the beach. 
We spent the entire first day at the beach, searching for sea glass, swimming, and making new friends. It was pretty perfect. Marc walked to a fantastic take-away restaurant, Caprici, for lunch and we ate it on the beach. That’s the great thing about not being on a sand beach. No sand in your food!
Capricci, our favorite take-away lunch.
We had a beautiful apartment that was owned by a very nice Italian family. We loved the location and would definitely stay there again.
Entryway to our apartment.
In the stairway to the lower level, there is a hole in the floor so you can see the mountain under us.
One of my favorite things about our time in Positano was just meandering through the village, looking in shop windows and popping into restaurants. We loved all the lemons! The lemon sorbets at Il Covo Dei Seraceni were so beautiful, served in real lemons.
Watching a local chef make lunch.
On a walk in Positano.
Lemon sorbets at Il Covo Dei Seraceni
Juliana making up menus for us at the beach. 
More and more sea glass.
I’d venture to guess that one of the kids’ favorite parts of our Italy trip was this boat tour of the Amalfi Coast. Instead of the beautiful wooden boats, we opted to charter a smaller, rubber boat, that was able to take us inside the caves of the Mediterranean. It was so beautiful! Had it been warmer, we would have jumped off the boat for a swim.
In the sea caves near Amalfi.
Il Conca dei Marini behind the kids.
A romantic photo courtesy of Vincent.
Approaching Positano just as the sun set.
We spent our last day at the beach, lounging on Spiaggia Grande. It was a perfect ending.
Goodbye, dreamy Positano! Grazie, Italy! You were perfect.

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