UN Day at School

Today was UN Day at school. It was a celebration of all of the countries represented at ISSH. I believe there are 42! I had the pleasure of being a “flight attendant,” which meant that I got to take groups of students from country to country (classroom to classroom) throughout the day on their “flight” around the world.

Juliana’s grade got to learn about the Greek alphabet and make shields in the Greece room.


Vin learned about the Israeli festival of Sukkot. Here he is under the Sukkot canopy in the Israel room. IMG_1952 (3)

In the India room, Juliana got henna drawn on her hands and tried some tea.


Juliana and the school choir entertained everyone with the song “We are all These Nations.” Gut gemacht, Juliana!


I think our favorite part was the lunch. Imagine lunch cooked by families from so many diverse nations! We had Hungarian, Australian, Brazilian, Spanish, Israeli, Japanese, Mexican…it was the best lunch ever! Yet another great way International schools introduce kids to so many different aspects of other cultures.



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