school trip · Scoul · Sophie · Switzerland

Sophie’s trip to Scoul

Sophie left on Monday on the train to go with grade 6 and grade 7 from ISSH on a school trip to Scoul, Switzerland. She was very excited to go, but also very nervous. It was her first long train ride without us, and her first long trip away from home without mom and dad. Marc walked her to the train station, where she met her teacher and her classmates. She did great! This is the group just after arriving at the hostel in Scoul. Sophie is top row, left.

The trip brought Sophie’s first experience white water rafting. They rafted on the River Inn, which runs through Scoul.

Here’s our girl, baring the rapids! She is mostly hidden, on the left in the white helmet, waving:
They also hiked in Parc Naziunal Svizzer, Switzerland’s only national park. Because really, the entire country looks like a national park. But, this is it, and she hiked it, for seven hours.
The rest of the week brought campfires, games, a high ropes course, and more hiking! Sophie enjoyed her time with her new friends and exploring more of this beautiful country we are temporarily calling home. We are grateful to the school for providing such wonderful opportunities for these kids.

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