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Our first visitors!

My parents arrived a few weeks after we got settled into our new home. I arrived at Zurich airport, and immediately found my dad, pacing in a circle around the Starbucks, pushing a luggage cart. I wondered how many laps he had made since landing. That’s my dad! It was so great to have them here in Switzerland!

My dad loved our house. He settled in right away. Every day he woke up, saying, “I really love this house, Victoria!” My mom liked it too, and the wine and the shopping.

In front of our house. “I really love this house, Victoria!”
Lunching at Santa Lucia in Schaffhausen

My dad stayed only two weeks. It was an action packed trip. During that time, they took a trip to Lake Como and a trip to Munich. They are quite the experienced travelers!

At Hofbauhaus in Munich. 

They got to know Schaffhausen and got comfortable here . They attended several soccer and hockey games, came to school pickups and drop offs, went to the grocery store, ran errands, went to the park, took lots of walks, and attended church with us.


Papa with the kids at school drop off. 
Papa and Sophie having a talk at the park.

My mom stayed for five weeks! It was glorious. My mom has so much energy. It amazes me. She did so much by herself. She walked to town daily and shopped, people watched, and just explored. She took trips by train to Berne, Basel and Lucerne. She really made the most of her time here. We went walking on the Rhine together, and shopping in Stein Am Rhein. She was constantly helping me by cleaning. I wish I had half of her energy. I’ve always admired that about her.

A walk with my mom on the Rhine in Schaffhausen.

And she cooked! She’d come home and start cooking each day around 2:30 and we’d have a beautiful dinner on the table around 6:30 each and every night. It was the most wonderful gift. Marc was smiling from ear to ear each night!

We had some lovey dinners out on the patio together. 
 On a boat tour of the Rhinefalls area in Neuhausen, Switzerland
At the Rhinefalls
 While driving Vin to a playdate in a neighboring town, we stumbled upon this castle and sea of sunflowers, so we had to hop out for a picture!
 Cheers! Toasting with my favorite local fall beer, at a festival in Schaffhausen celebrating the Swiss people’s humane treatment of farm animals. 
 Juliana making friends with a sheep. 
 Noonie and Papa cheering Vin on at one of his soccer (football) games. Papa was thrilled with his USA chair, which we borrowed from our friends Gaby and Csaba, who are Hungarian!
Vin and Papa have a chat and a snack on the kitchen balcony. 
My mom in Stein am Rhein, one of my favorite Swiss villages.


After Italian mass at St. Maria’s, our parish in Schaffhausen. Someone appears to be shining down on them. 
It was so wonderful having them here. It will always be a special memory for me, and we were all so grateful that they came to visit. We can’t wait for Marc’s family to visit!

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